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Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning kills 99, 99% of bacteria, germs and dust mites. It uses water and heat to create an all-natural steam that removes dirt and grime from non-heat sensitive surfaces. Micro-organisms, surface moulds, viruses and dirt particles found in hard to reach places are removed with this high temperature technique. Steam cleaning significantly reduces allergens.

Extraction Cleaning

Carpets, upholstery, office chairs, curtains, blinds, mattresses and passenger seats will look pristine and fresh after a deep clean. Our powerful, spray extraction cleaning machines cleanses all surfaces and removes dirt in a single pass. The powerful suction turbines are unrivalled in allowing for low residual moisture. This service also includes the following:

  • Deodorizing
  • Disinfecting
  • Stain Removal

Fabric Protection

Fabric stain protection prevents stains such as wine, coffee and food from penetrating into upholstery. This allows ease of cleaning when mishaps occur. We also offer a full range of furniture and leather care products to protect against UV rays and eco-friendly fabric protection for baby car seats. We use a professional spray technique to apply the product to upholstery.

Window Cleaning

Boost the curb appeal of your home or business when you use our professional window cleaning service. We offer residential and commercial window cleaning service.

Spring Cleaning

Get your home or office looking immaculate with our once off spring clean. Our dedicated cleaning team will make your home or office sparkle, whether you are moving in or out, need a clean-up after a party or would like a spring clean. Our cleaners are recruited and trained specifically for this task. Instead of you spending your weekends slaving away, leave the cleaning and chores to the experts who love doing it!

Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning

Your car seats are not as clean as they should be. We can remove significantly more, grime and sand than conventional valet cleaning using our high efficiency spray extraction system. Elements that can be removed include:

  • Milk Spillage and Odour
  • Vomit
  • Cigarette odour removal
  • Bacteria / Mould / Virusesl
  • Pet Odours
  • Dirt and stains

You will be amazed by the super fresh and pristine outcome. Book our upholstery deep clean service to extend the lifespan of your vehicle, before sale of the vehicle or simply remove stains and odours.

Customized Cleaning Packages

Our commercial cleaning service will be customised to meet your business and residential cleaning requirements. We offer a no obligation detailed quotation to address your preference for routine cleaning vs deep cleaning of special areas (eg. carpets, upholstery, curtains, bathrooms, windows, kitchen, and tiles).

Pre-Occupation Cleaning

Moving in or out of your new home. Make the task easier by calling us to clean up. Affordable packages available for this service.

Residential Cleaning

Preparing your home for cleaning
  • 1. Remove Clutter

    For carpet, curtain or upholstery cleaning, our Specialised Deep Cleaning staff will need to maneuver around furniture during the process, so removing clutter on both the floor and the furniture will ensure that the cleaning goes effortlessly. This will allow the team to complete the cleaning process quickly, allowing you to resume your regular routine that much faster.

  • 2: Take note of particular problem areas

    Lighting and shadows can sometimes mask stains and blotches on carpets or upholstery from view of the technician. You may want certain areas in the home to have more intensive cleaning. Point out such areas on the technician to ensure they are not overlooked.

  • 3: Clear a path for easy access

    Our cleaners need to access a clear path in order get their equipment to the furniture and spaces that require cleaning. Kindly assist with pointing out the most suitable route to the work space. This helps the cleaning to go more quickly, and lower the risk of tripping on anything during the process.

  • 4: Prepare pets for the visit

    A visit by our cleaning crew with large equipment and lots of new sounds can agitate your loving pets. Keep them somewhere, like a yard or secure in an area of the home that does not require cleaning, so that they are not overly bothered by our presence. This will allow our process to finish quickly and allow you to return to your regular routine as soon as possible.